According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Children and teens should partake in physical activity at least 60 minutes a day.

Project Snow is a program that operates under the Children’s Cabinet Inc. which is a 501-C3 non-profit that exists to keep children safe and families together by offering services and resources that address unmet needs, through a unique and effective cooperative effort between the private sector and public agencies in Northern Nevada. Project Snow thrives to provide and promote physical activity among foster youth living in Washoe County, ages 10-18 through snowboarding.

We are made up of a collective mix of unique individuals that live in or near Reno and the Tahoe area. We all share a common goal to inspire and motivate others to enjoy the incredible outdoors that surround us.

Participants of Project Snow will learn, first hand, about the benefits of physical activity while snowboarding at Mt. Rose Ski Resort.  Participants will be taught stretches that help increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.  They will also be educated on how muscle and bone strengthening exercises can improve their skills on the mountain.

And even though good nutrition is not Project Snow’s primary concern, participants and volunteers will have access to healthy choices for lunches provided by Jax at the Trax in Truckee. We also have some of the top amateur and professional riders and instructors as volunteers, who inspire youth that they too can achieve their athletic and personal goals. Foster youth in Washoe County will not only be given the opportunity to snowboard but they will also be introduced to healthy life styles that will positively impact their lives.


To promote physical activity among foster youth living in Washoe County through snowboarding

Goal 1: To increase physical activity among foster youth living in Washoe County

Goal 2:  Increase the knowledge about physical activity recommendations among participants

Goal 3:  Encourage participants to live healthy lifestyles

Goal 4:  Provide positive experiences for youth in foster care

Goal 5: Sustain and expand stewardship