The start of an amazing adventure!

The Start of a Fun and Exciting Day!

The program coordinator and volunteers meet parents and participants at the Children’s Cabinet in Reno located on Sinclair around 8:30am. Outerwear and soft goods will be distributed to participants during this time. Participants will fill out a short survey on what they know about physical activity recommendations. Participants, volunteers, and other chaperones will hop on the Children’s Cabinet’s bus to Mt. Rose.   Each participant and volunteer will get an all day lift ticket. Program coordinator will lead a group warm-up and stretch session where participants will learn various stretching techniques that will help increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.

Learn to Snowboard!

Once the participants have dressed, stretched and obtained their gear, they will be assigned a volunteer buddy for the day. The volunteer buddy will introduce their participant to the basics of snowboarding. Participants and volunteers will start on the Flying Jenny, which is a magic carpet that leads to the top of a beginner run. Once the basic skills are perfected here, volunteers may take their participant to the Ponderosa chairlift, which is a slightly bigger beginner run. Each volunteer is responsible for their buddy from the beginning of the day to the end. If any issues arise, volunteers and participants are to notify the program coordinator immediately.

img_6990Ending an Amazing Day on the Mountain!

Volunteers will continue teaching participants the basics of snowboarding throughout the day.  They will break a few times for power breaks and  lunch, which is provide to both participants and volunteers.  As the day progresses volunteers will use teachable moments to encourage participants to be active both indoors and outdoors.  Towards the end of the day, around 2:30pm participants will fill out a short survey before gathering for an end of the day stretch session.   All participants will hop on the bus back to Reno to meet parents at the Children’s Cabinet. Volunteers will help collect outerwear and gear from participants at the Children’s Cabinet before they are released from the program.

*We believe in creating a close bond between our participants so we assign one volunteer to every participant.

Children’s Cabinet Address:

777 Sinclair Steet

Reno, NV 89502

(775) 357-8090

Please check blog posts for any updates regarding changes in plans

For further trip detail questions or emergencies contact:

Phone: (530) 414-4067

Email: [email protected]